2024 General Meeting Speakers

Jan. 23Andrew Jinkinson, Lee Valley ToolsThere’s A Tool for That !
Feb. 27James GrahamRamblings
March 9Public Event12th Annual Seedy Saturday and Garden Show
March 26Horticultural Workshop NightBalcony Gardening, Pruning, Seed Sowing,
How to Participate in a Flower Show
April 23Anna LeggattClematis, Queen of the Flowers
May 18Public EventAnnual Plant Sale
May 28Marie DeckerGrowing and Caring for Vegetables
June 9Public EventAnnual Flower Show
June 25Society MeetingStrawberry Social / Trivia Night
July-Aug.No Meetings – Enjoy Your Garden!
Sept. 24Hanna Jacobs, Match Box SeedsSaving your own Seeds
Oct. 22Adam ShoaltsLake Erie to the Arctic: A 3,400 KM Solo Canoe Journey
Nov. 26Society MeetingAnnual General Meeting & Holiday Dinner
DecemberNo Meeting – Happy Holidays!

Speaker Details

Andrew Jinkinson, Lee Valley Tools
January 23, 2024 Topic: There’s A Tool For That !

Andrew Jinkinson of Lee Valley Tools joins us to present “There’s A Tool For That”. With a diploma in Agriculture and 30 years of industry experience, he can offer tangible ideas and solutions to help simplify your gardening tasks.

James Graham
February 27, 2024 Topic: Ramblings

Our society is happy to welcome back James Graham, this time to present “Ramblings”, learning from the past..preparing for the future. James is Past-President of the Waterloo Hort Society. His exhuberance and talent for knowledge sharing is sure to make for a great evening.

Anna Leggatt
April 23, 2024 Topic: Clematis, Queen of the Flowers

A.Leggatt is a former High School Botany and Chemestry teacher, Master Gardener and active member of several hort. societies. She joins us to talk about Clematis in the wild, their structure, the main groups, pruning (a great time to do it!), planting, care, propagation and photos of species and cultivars.

Marie Decker
May 28, 2024 Topic: Growing and Caring for Vegetables

June 25, 2024 Topic: Strawberry Social and Trivia Night

Hanna Jacobs, Match Box Seeds
September 24, 2024 Topic:
Saving your own Seeds

H. Jacobs founded “Matchbox”, a Caledonia based certified organic farm & seed company in 2006. Today her focus is to bring knowledge and experience to those who want to grow their own food. Her talk will teach the rules and techniques crucial to successful seed saving.

Adam Shoalts
October 22, 2024 Topic:
Lake Erie to the Arctic: A 3,400 KM Solo Canoe Journey

National bestselling author, naturalist, and professional explorer Adam Shoalts shares with us the story of his 3,400 km solo canoe journey from Lake Erie to the Arctic and wild plants he ate along the way.

Meeting Details

All regular meetings held at either the Flower City Bowling Club or the Flower City Seniors Centre start at 7:30 PM, with doors opening at 7:00 PM.

The General Annual Meeting starts at 6:30 PM, with doors opening at 6:00 PM.

Meeting events such as flower shows, mini-seminars, etc. are usually at 7:30 PM.

Flower City Lawn Bowling Club is Located at 8910 McLaughlin Rd S in Brampton. The October, November, January, February, March and April meetings are held here unless otherwise noted.

The Flower City Seniors Centre is located at 8870 McLaughlin Rd S in Brampton. The May, June and September meetings are held here in the Auditorium unless otherwise noted.